Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right

Two days ago, our little Kynzie FINALLY went down the stairs on her own! She would go up the stairs by herself, she would go down stairs at other peoples' home, and we even got her to go down our (very steep) stairs if we would "start" her out on the first few steps. But, finally, something clicked.

Daddy told her to go down backwards like a puppy dog, and it just made sense to her somehow. (I am not sure how since our dog does not go down stairs backwards...) So she made a little yapping sound (her sweet voice is too little to make an actual "bark"-ing sound) and made her way down the stairs, from top to bottom, all by herself.

She was so proud and so excited! She wanted to go up and down over and over. One parent was upstairs and one parent was downstairs, so she would say "I have to go tell Mommy someping." And off she'd go. Then, "I have to go tell Daddy someping." And off she'd go. It was so cute.

Then we decided that this coming and going at will wouldn't work on an on-going basis, and in our parental wisdom, decided we needed a rule about the stairs. So, after the newness wore off a bit, we explained that she is not to go down the stairs without asking Mommy or Daddy first. (She already is supposed to ask to go up the stairs.)

So yesterday, I was sitting in the living room nursing the baby, when Kynzie decided to head downstairs. I reminded her that she needed to ask (since it is a new rule and all, reminders are good for a little while) permission first. So she stopped and looked at me and said, "Mommy, may I go downstairs please?" It was so sweet, but I had to say no, not until Mommy is ready to go downstairs with you.

She laid down on the floor near the top of the stairs, and I thought she was just going to wait there for me, but then she said "Hi, Jesus, Mommy won't let me go downstairs..." She continued to talk to Jesus for a bit, then I asked her if she was praying (because she breaks into spontaneous prayer often). She said "No, I just saying Hi, Jesus, Mommy won't let me go downstairs."

It was so sweet and so natural for her. I asked her if she was just talking to Jesus, and she said "Yeah!" like she had been waiting for me to 'get it' all along.