Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Haircuts

Kynzie, at age 3, and Max, at nearly 18 months, received their first haircuts on November 1, 2007. It was quite an exciting day for us all. Kynzie's hair had grown past her waist, and it caused great stress and anguish for everyone in the house during the daily hair-brushing sessions. Max's curls had grown past the cute stage and into the shaggy look. He was mistaken for a girl ALL the time now. These facts brought me to the point that I was very ready to have the locks lopped off.

Scott took about 60-some pictures of the kids playing in the leaves before the haircuts, then we took photos during the haircuts, and there were more leaf pictures after the haircuts. I will try to load some of each here for your viewing enjoyment.

Kynzie's Swimming

I will try to catch up a little here...

Kynzie finished her first session of swim lessons on November 17th. She did great in class and loved the water, which was a little surprising and refreshing given her "beaver-be-cautious" nature. Here are a few pictures from her October 6th class. Can you see the perma-grin on her face?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Fourteen Friday

Okay, there is a thing among some bloggers to do Thirteen Thursday. The first blogger that introduced me to this event said it was supposed to be blessings... 13 blessings on Thursdays. Since then, others have said it is just 13 random facts about yourself. Obviously, it isn't Thursday; I missed Thursday. So, I am going to do a 14 Friday. And, although blessings would be more uplifting, I am not going to put that pressure on myself right now...

1) Max & Kynzie draw so much attention when we go out to dinner sometimes. People oooh and aaahh over them all the time. I really wanted pumpkin pancakes at IHOP, so that is where we went tonight. There were so many senior patrons eating all around us, and they all told us how cute our kids were and such. Of course, many of them thought we had two girls. (Delainey was at my parents' house, so it was just Kynzie & Max.) He's getting his hair cut tomorrow.
She thought Bonnie Tyler was Granny singing Total Eclipse, and she thought Righteous Brothers was Boppa Denny singing (Your My) Soul & Inspiration. Too funny!
Kynzie pointed to a man across the room and said "That man is a giant man" with a smile on her face (maybe she was thinking he was a relative of Goliath's), and then pointed to a woman that looked to be my grandmother's age and said "That lady's going to have some babies too!" She kept us well entertained as well as on our toes. We used these precious little moments as training opportunities as we tried not to laugh too loudly at how cute she was.

2) Last Sunday was the first time I didn't throw up once all day! There hasn't been a repeat yet, though.

3) A friend of ours from church brought dinner to us last night. She went all out with a wonderful chicken dish, yummy rice, sauteed vegetables, a delightful fruit salad including all the best berries, a fancy foccacia bread, and dessert. She also brought fresh flowers in a vase for me and a lovely fall centerpiece for our table. We ate until we were stuffed. It was wonderful. We have had some great meals brought to us from friends and family during this time. Thanks!

4) I decided this week that if I had money to just throw around I would love to take some culinary classes. That would be so fun! I really enjoy cooking, not always the daily grind of it, but I enjoy recipes and new food and such.

5) Someday, I want to be officially trained as an herbalist and nutritionist.

6) I would like to learn to play the guitar in the near future.

7) Today we saw the babies on ultrasound again. The Dr. said they are doing well with good heartbeats, but my placenta is low. I had placental previa with Kynzie that corrected itself before delivery. Hopefully, this will correct itself as well.

8) I will be the mother of a teenager one week from tomorrow. Wow!

9) My sister called with some awesome news this evening! You'll just have to guess at what it is for now.

10) Delainey bought her third light saber. I don't quite get it, but I don't really have to. There are worse things for you daughter to enjoy.

11) Kynzie really loves her swimming lessons. Next week is her last class this session.

12) Max has started putting little sentences together. It is so adorable.

13) Misty, our dog, seems to become more and more strange all the time. We just can't figure her out. She doesn't seem to be a normal dog, but then she had pretty big pawprints to fill after Rosco, I guess. She would rather be outside alone than inside with us. Not so much man's best friend.

14) We heard some really exciting news about my husband's youngest sister and her continuing education. We are very proud of you Kelsey!