Monday, May 09, 2011

I Love That Boy!

Tomorrow, my oldest son will be five years old.  I love to remember his birth story.  It was the first and only birth where no other friends or family were present except Scott.  It was fast, and for a harrowing few moments, we thought it was going to be grave.  But, thankfully, God had a different plan for Max.  As the story goes, Max made his appearance as Mommy was beginning to be wheeled to surgery for an emergency cesarean.  I am not sure the nurses believed me at first when I said "he's coming!"  But after a quick peek under the blankets, they put my bed back in its place in the labor room and began calling for the doctor to head back to our room!  Max was born within minutes.  Such joy and relief! 

Max has requested candy cereal for his breakfast in bed tomorrow, pancakes for lunch, and Cheeseburger Casserole for dinner.  He doesn't really care for sweets, so I couldn't really get him to pinpoint a dessert.  He likes Popsicles, though.  Maybe I'll surprise him with Popsicles.  Hmmm, can't really stick a candle in one of those, can ya?  Well, maybe his candles will go in his casserole!

He is such a loving little boy.  He is always excited for the new baby (ies) when I am pregnant, and this time is no different.  He hugs and kisses the baby (aka my belly) and talks to his sibling.  It is precious.  He wants to be brave and courageous.  He has a heart to be a warrior and a protector.  I love these things about him.  I know God put these things in him to be used in marvelous ways as he grows older.  I pray God teaches Scott and I how to nurture the good and weed out the bad in his life.