Monday, March 16, 2009

Giving Stuff Away

I am going through the garage today, purging some things from our current inventory. I want to pass things along to family and friends who need it/could use it first. So, I decided to list some of the items here and include photos of some of the items. (Photos will have to be added a little later - the babies are awake now!)

If I don't have a pic of something you want to see, I probably can get one for you. Let me know if there is something you would like.

Vanity bench - gold metal frame, off-white cushioned seat. Small darkened spot on cushion. May be able to clean it? I haven't tried.

Christmas type 'mini' lights - 1 strand green, 2 strands purple, 1 strand clear. These have been used, but still worked when I put them away. I have not plugged them in but could try to get to that later today.

Safety first infant to child booster seat with tray - missing one strap for fastening to chair (one out of two), but I know I have it out there somewhere. Will update when I find it. Needs cleaning but in good condition. It tilts and has height adjustments.

Miscellaneous infant boy clothing - 0-3 & 3-6 months so far - mostly random items that I haven't already given away. Will add more as I come across them.

Nursing Bras - all are white; one 38B with underwire. one 40D Medela brand. one 40D Motherhood brand - more sport style

Black "formula" diaper bag with brown trim. New. I will have two of these but don't know where the other is just yet. I think it even has the sample formula in it... probably need to throw that out :).

Pink 'princess' over-bed canopy net thing that hangs from the ceiling

2 long strands of purple beads for crafts or decor (not necklaces), like 5 or 6 foot each, and 1 similar strand of peachy beads

2 soothie brand bottles - 4 oz each with nipples, lids and the snack containers that attach to the bottom

Assorted Playtex bottles with a few 4oz drop in liners

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I wish I could do blog posts from facebook. Or I wish my statuses would update to my blog. It would just be easier, I think.

Today was a beautiful day! We played outside, and I didn't think to take the camera, but the batteries probably would have died anyway.

So Kynzie and Max dug in the dirt and found worms. Kynzie brought each one to me with such delight and pride. She knows they are important for her garden, and she does love to garden. They were tearing up leaves and putting them next to the worms so the worms could compost the leaves for her garden. That comes from Granny!

Daniel, once again, loved being outside, but Dennis fussed all but the first minute he was out there. Odd. I was certain he would love it. Before he went outside, he was looking out the window at the kids playing on the swing set and frantically started crying. He wouldn't stop so I thought he really wanted to be out there with him. And I think he did at first, but somehow his enthusiasm was short-lived.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Few Miscellaneous Tidbits

For all who are curious...
The babies had a check up today. They are doing quite well and pretty much past the RSV now. I am very thankful it was as mild as it was. I think prayer, garlic and extra vitamin C and some Elderberry may have helped. That and not taking them out of the house for a very long time, along with a COOL mist humidifier in their room.

Anyway, Dennis is a little taller than Daniel, by a little less than half an inch. But Daniel weighs nearly a pound more at 19 lbs. Everything is wonderful, and they are doing fine. But then, we already knew that.

Delainey found the math that was lost. Hooray! I didn't really want to buy it again. Now we don't have to. But she will have to do double time in math to get caught up. I am confident she will do just fine. After all, she enjoys math.

This weekend, we will be celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary with the extended family. I am pretty excited about seeing everyone and celebrating my grandparents. I love them dearly.