Monday, June 18, 2007

Do You Ever Feel Like Cinderelli, Cinderelli

I just remembered this and had to post it...

A few nights ago at dinner time, I called the family to the table to eat. Kynzie was a bit slow coming, so I called her a bit more firmly the second time. She came to the table and let out a heavy "hmph". She gave a small foot-stomp and said through tightly pursed lips:

"Every time she gets a minute, that's when they begin it - Cinderelli, Cinderelli"

And just so you know, she does have chores (jobs), but only two really. However, she often asks if she can scrub the floor, but I think it's only because she thinks bubbles will float around everywhere.

She's a keeper.

Our new dog

We brought home our new Lhasa Apso today. Her name is Misty, and she is white with a little brown here and there. We adopted her from the "pound". She only weighs 12 pounds. Here she is a little tired from her surgery today, but she looks so adorable with her fresh hair cut.

The kids are very excited to have her, and I hope we made the right choice with this breed. Since we finalized the adoption on Saturday, we have had more than one person tell us a full-bred Lhasa is not the way to go. But she is so calm and easy-going, and she has let the kids bother her to no end without batting an eye.

I think she will be great! Kynzie wanted to share her own cuddle blankie with Misty to make her feel more welcome. Isn't that sweet? Look at her here posing next to her new friend.