Thursday, June 25, 2009

Branson Vacation, Day whatever (Friday)

So, I realize I have been so delinquent in updating this blog that no one really cares about our last day in Branson over a month ago. But I am still going to post it. It just doesn't seem like I can allow myself to post other things till I finish what I started.

After staying up a little later on Thursday evening, preparing the condo for our check out in the morning, we woke up Friday morning to tornado possibilities. We kept one eye on the weather stations while trying to make breakfast, eat it, feed it to children, clean it up, and finish packing.

There were a couple of fairly frigtening moments, but it seemed that all the worst went on by. Now, would the rain, rain go away long enough to allow us to enjoy some time at Silver Dollar City? We packed all our stuff, loaded the kids in the van, checked out, and decided to take our chances.

We rode the train, and the kids enjoyed that, but the babies didn't care much for the train robbing show they put on; they felt it was too long. But it was hilarious because all the actors were baffled when one of the audience participators didn't answer a question as they expected.

Kynzie rode her first roller coaster, adn she's hooked. I knew she would be - after her mother's own roller coaster-ridin' heart. Max wasn't quite as brave this time around, which we also expected. But he did enjoy some of the more mild rides.

It rained off and on most of the day, mostly a sprinkling rain. We had umbrellas and a waterproof blanket I threw over the strollers while we waited at rides and such. We had a good time all-in-all. Two of the grown-up roller coasters were closed, one due to an unfortunate vomitting situation and the other due to rain. Delainey was only able to ride a few of the other grown-up rides, but, as usual, she was a great sport.

Scott took both girls on Fire in the Hole... I think Kynzie was a little unsure about how she felt on that one... Here they are right after that one.

Here are the boys having a little snack in the strollers underneath the waterproof blanket.

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